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Dementia Hawkes Bay

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Dementia Hawkes Bay
Community Groups
Hawke's Bay
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Community Group Types
Community Group TypesStatusDetails
Community Organisations Yes Community - "At home with Dementia" Daycare - "Chatham Club" Central Hawkes Bay - "Memory Club"
Fitness and Recreation Yes Day club facilitates a mixture of cognitive and physical activities. Designed to stimulate and maintain a healthy brain. 'Clubs' with like minded people working together in small groups in areas of interest or new learning.
Links to other sites, e.g. government, health, legal, consumer etc Yes
Updated: 22 Mar 2017
Special Features
Community - "At Home with Dementia" which has Community Liaison Officers who provide - Assessment visits. Liaise with other agencies and professionals on behalf of clients.
On going support - home visits and phone contact identifying and solving issues before they arise if possible.
Crisis - we can offer support and advice through these. Helping clients to negotiate their way through the bureaucracies they will be dealing with.
Daycare - The Chatham Club - provides a safe caring stimulating environment for people with memory loss, dementia or alzheimers disease and respite for carers.
Updated: 22 Mar 2017
Languages Spoken
English Yes Members and staff, Cultural awareness is important and communication with people affected by dementia specific training.
Updated: 22 Mar 2017
CompanionshipSelf FundedSubsidisedAfter Hours
Day Programme (Dementia Care) Yes Yes No Self funnded privately Fully funded through Bay Home Support. Community Liaison Officer will assist with this process.
Lunch Yes Yes No A two course meal is provided plus morning and afternnon tea. Supsidy and private fee incorporates the cost of meals.
Club/Drop in Centre Yes Yes No The club is open 5 days a week and members are collected and delivered home after club day is over.
Visiting Service No Yes No Our community liaison officer does home visits for assessments, ongoing support, crisis management
Activities/Exercise Programme No Yes No The day is structured with both mental and physical activities which are designed to stimulate the mind.
Other Social Support No Yes No Carer support and memory cafe for person affected and carers as a social outing.
Updated: 22 Mar 2017